Residential Potted Gardens by the Contained Gardener

Potted Plants from Sonoran Gardens, Tucson, Arizona

The Contained Gardener, a service of Sonoran Gardens Landscape & Design in Tucson, ArizonaIs your home looking a little bare, are you potted plants looking a bit under the weather? The Contained Gardener from Sonoran Gardens Landscape Design & Construction, can make your home bloom with magnificent color year-round without the expense of an entire renovation.

Our design service team, led by Marylee Pangman and Roberta Braegelman, will work one-on-one with you to come up with a design plan to place each potted plant where it will flourish and continue to look its best. To keep everything looking great, our optional Tucson potted plant Garden Care program will keep your potted plants looking their best.

The Contained Gardener steps to a potted plant paradise:

The Contained Gardener, a service of Sonoran Gardens Landscape & Design in Tucson, Arizona

  1. Questions to Consider:
    • What sizes are the areas you want to beautify?
    • What patios, entries and other living spaces need to be considered?
    • Do you have a dedicated pot irrigation line?
    • Do you have a swimming pool?
  2. A conversation, or on-site visit with our potted garden specialists who will evaluate your site and consult on any existing problem plants
  3. Working within your budget, there are many options on how we can proceed:
    • We complete the job all at one time
    • Install it in phases
    • You do part of the work yourself

We will work with you to fulfill your dreams in the way you would like. Upon acceptance of the final agreement, we ask for a 50% deposit and schedule your installation. The balance is due upon completion of the work.

The Contained Gardener, a service of Sonoran Gardens Landscape & Design in Tucson, Arizona

How much should you expect to budget towards a Contained Gardener Potted Plant Garden?

Starting from scratch on a custom potted plant garden, you can expect to spend $500 to $800 per finished container. This price includes everything needed, from design through full installation, creating a garden that transforms your outdoor living areas into a space that pulls you outside time after time.


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