Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Sonoran Gardens create water conservation landscape designs?
    • In fact, “xeriscapes,” are used in many of Sonoran Gardens’ designs. They encourage the use of plants and materials that are appropriate for our desert environment. We can also incorporate rainwater harvesting to ensure that you and your plants are getting maximum use of any rain that falls.
  • Do you offer irrigation systems?
    • Yes, installed by our team to keep your landscape beautiful.
  • Do you work year-round, even during the summer?
    • We pride ourselves in being able to install our beautiful landscapes in any season.
  • Does Sonoran Gardens offer landscape maintenance?
    • We offer maintenance packages that include plant care, irrigation, lighting, general clean up, and much more. Ask about our Custom Care plan.
  • Does Sonoran Gardens offer turf landscaping?
    • We do not install sod, but in Arizona, we the best kind of lawn you can have is an artificial lawn aka turf.
  • Does Sonoran Gardens recycle the clippings?
    • Wherever and whenever we can, but generally no. We do very little lawn care.
  • Does Sonoran Gardens take into consideration Tucson’s USDA hardiness zone?
    • Absolutely! We want to make sure that any landscaping project will last you years to come.
  • Does Sonoran Gardens take into consideration color theory when choosing plants and flowers?
    • Design is our passion. Just like an interior designer, Sonoran Gardens takes into consideration color theory, placement, and much more.
  • Does Sonoran Gardens take into consideration wildlife while designing landscapes?
    • We recognize that Tucson hosts a unique ecosystem and take that into consideration by using native plants, tree coverage, and colors. We also install cages, as necessary to protect plants from critters and snake fences. For homes that have had ongoing javelina issue we utilize plant types that javelinas typically avoid.
  • Does Sonoran Gardens use pesticides?
    • Yes, but we use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides at residential quantities.
  • How do I schedule an appointment with Sonoran Gardens?
    • Please feel free to call us at (520) 579-9411 or fill out our online form here to schedule an appointment with us.
  • How does landscaping impact the environment?
    • Landscaping can impact the environment in a positive way. We design your outdoor living spaces to be welcoming to wildlife by planting certain trees, shrubs, and flowers.
  • How long does the process take for a landscape renovation?
    • It depends on the scope. Please feel free to call us at (520) 579-9411 or fill out our online form here.
  • Is Sonoran Gardens licensed?
    • Sonoran Gardens Landscape and Design is a fully licensed and bonded landscape contractor.
  • What are Xeriscapes?
    • Water efficient Tucson landscapes, also known as “xeriscapes,” are used in all of Sonoran Gardens’ designs. Xeriscaping is beneficial because it creates a landscape that is cohesive with the native environment, is environmentally conscious, and does not impose significant watering cost on the homeowner.
  • What can you do for me that my present landscape contractor cannot?
    • At Sonoran Gardens, quality is key. Our projects and designs refuse to be cookie cutter, rather, we tailor each project to include only the services you desire.
  • What does the landscape design process look like?
    • Our professional, educated, and trained landscape designers can create a custom design that is an extension of your lifestyle and is within your budget. We can also create a master plan, so that we can install your project in phases over time as your budget permits.
  • What is the best time of year to schedule landscaping?
    • Since Sonoran Gardens works year-round, we believe any time is the right time to schedule.
  • What type of return can I expect on my investment?
    • It depends, but a good landscape design can add up to 20% of value to your home.
  • Why choose Sonoran Gardens, what differentiates from competitors?
    • Sonoran Gardens approaches each project as a unique opportunity to meet our client’s needs and exceed their expectations, always with an ongoing development of systems and procedures to ensure that these goals are achieved for every one of our clients. From detailed personalized planning and award-winning design, to expert project management and installation, Sonoran Gardens will do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Why do I need landscape design?
    • The important of design can affect the property value, water consumption, and overall aesthetics. Here at Sonoran Gardens we have many years of experience making landscapes beautiful and functional.
  • Will Sonoran Gardens come to my home for free estimates?
    • Yes, please feel free to call us at (520) 579-9411 or fill out our online form here.
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