A tip from Sonoran Gardens…get your lawn ready for Winter!

This week’s weather has reminded us all that winter isapproaching. What should you do about your lawn throughout the cooler wintermonths? To have a winter lawn, Bermuda grass must be overseeded with perennial rye grass.

Begin this process by cutting the lawn as low as possible and removing all the clippings. Then remove the thatch using a steel rake or power de-thatcher. This will expose some bare soil and prepare the lawn for seeding.

Before applying the seed rake up the thatch. Use perennial rye grass seed and apply it at the rate of 10 lbs/1000 sq. ft. Cover the newly seeded lawn with a thin layer of sand or compost and water lightly to settle it in. Finally apply a starter fertilizer; ammonium nitrate applied at 5 lbs/1000 sq ft works well.Keep the newly seeded lawn moist until the seed germinates and has grown tall enough to cut the first time. Then gradually reduce watering as the grass becomes established. Fertilize monthly to maintain good color.

Overseeding is best done early/mid-October so if you are looking for green lawn all winter – act fast!

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