How To Deal With Desert Creatures

Warm weather awakens more than your plant life. It is also the time of year that our [not so] friendly desert critters crawl out of hiding in search of water. If you live in the desert, you are part of the desert and an appropriately landscaped yard can become host to all kinds of creatures and critters! Make sure you keep a keen eye out when you are doing any up-keep to your yard. Overgrown grasses and weeds are a perfect hiding spot for snakes and spiders. Scorpions and centipedes love to hide out in the cool dark dirt beneath rocks. Always keep in mind to use common sense and watch where you reach and step.

The before of this landscape is a rattlesnake’s pardise

The before of this landscape is a rattlesnake’s pardise!

I keep a copy of Jonathan Hansen’s book: There’s a Bobcat in My Backyard: Living With and Enjoying Urban Wildlife on hand for reference for unusual situations. His book has tips from how to attract certain species to how to deal with the unwanted.

Our Sonoran Gardens’ crews are trained on how to deal with surprise visitors when working on your landscape maintenance or new installation. Keep us in mind before you decide to undertake a landscape project on your own! 520-579-9411 or contact us now.


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