How to help your trees in windy weather

Nature designed trees to move and bend with the wind, their strong trunks anchoring the tree against the elements. In Tucson, we see many windy days throughout the year and strong gusty winds during our summer monsoons. After a tree is newly installed, still getting its roots set, and strengthening its trunk it is important to install tree stakes. Tree stake installation should be done at the time of installation. It is a relatively simple task that, when done properly, can save your tree, preserve its appearance and provide you with years of enjoyment.

The wind is not a friend of your trees!

  1. Drive two tree stakes at least six inches into undisturbed soil on either side of the tree perpendicular to the direction of the prevailing winds.
  2. Hold the trunk up with one hand a few inches above the ground. If the trunk leans over, love a few inches up the truck and try again. Six inches above the lowest point at which the tree does not bend should be where you attach the ties.
  3. Using rubber or polypropylene tree ties, loop the ties around the trunk and attach one per stake. These products stretch and move slightly which will prevent girdling and allow tree growth.
  4. Trim the stakes down so they are lower than the tree’s canopy.
  5. Inspect the stakes regularly. Typically they can be removed after one year.

Sonoran Gardens installs tree stakes during all new installation projects, and installs, monitors, and adjusts tree stakes at the homes of our Custom Landscape Care customers. In addition, if you need assistance with tree stake installation or removal at your home call and schedule an appointment with our Service Technician. Our Service Technician can also help with the removal of downed trees and broken limbs that could be a result of windy weather.

How to properly stake a tree

In 2008 Sonoran Gardens developed their Southern Arizona and Tucson landscape maintenance division known as Custom Landscape Care. Custom Landscape Care provides so much more than traditional landscape maintenance service. Our team puts an emphasis on the client’s desires and needs with unparalleled reliability and communication. Custom Landscape Care is individually developed for each landscape and includes the experience of a Certified Designer and trained professionals to insure your investment and landscape continue to flourish and provide you with years of enjoyment.

Please contact Kira Niccum-Pritzl to learn more and schedule a consultation today 520-579-9411.

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