Ideas abound for garden planters!

I have been obsessing about an amazing succulent garden I saw at one of Tucson’s local restaurants, 47 Scott, and kicking myself for not taking a picture! I think I will use that as an excuse go back.

On their outdoor patio they took an old bathtub and filled it with amazing green, purple and blue succulents. It was absolutely awesome. As I relished over wanting my very own bathtub filled with succulents, my mind wandered from bath tubs to horse troughs (maybe it was the bath tub mixed with delicious locally sourced food that led me down this path?).

Fill your horse trough with flowers, succulents, herbs, whatever!

Horse troughs are becoming a common addition to desert (or any climate) gardens. They can run on a separate irrigation valve and can be given special TLC to allow us desert dwellers to grow a variety of vegetables, flowers, and herbs that may otherwise struggle in our harsh climate and hard, clay filled soils. They are great addition for people who enjoy getting their hands a little dirty and reaping the rewards of home grown produce. In addition, they can add a unique, modern look to your outdoor living area. They come in numerous different shapes and sizes so it is not difficult to find the right trough for your space.

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