What Can You Do To Minimize Heat Stress?

In most cases, summer stress can be lessened or even prevented by proper irrigation. Slow, deep irrigations that allow water to soak water down deep into the soil to reach the lower root zones of plants are essential. Never use hot water from a hose. Let the water run until it cools off. Timing is critical also. It is best to irrigate by running the drip irrigation to regular landscape plants 3 – 4 days per week for 2 hours with the run time starting in the early morning.

Trees should run twice per week for 3 hours. Flower beds and pots should run twice per day, every day for 5-7 minutes each run. A correct irrigation will wet the entire area underneath shrubs and trees to ensure that a majority of the roots are receiving water.

If you understand the basics of summer heat stress, we can take the proper steps to minimize the stress or avoid it all together.

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